Phase failure and Phase loss  relays  
Detection of  phase failure and phase loss conditions in three phase AC systems. Bender SAD ...  relays cover a wide variety of systems to be monitored up to 690VAC and incorporate easily accessible potentiometers for adjustable alarm set points. 
Please refer to the table below to determine which current relay is suited for your application.

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    phase failure, phase losses


BENDER System Adjustable Hz range Adjust. Adjust. Article #
Type voltage Un V range   time hyst.  
Phase failure and phase loss 3Ph AC      
SAD142 3AC208V 5-15% 50-60Hz  - 3% fixed B935 ...
SAD142 3AC230V 5-15% 50-60Hz  - 3% fixed B935 ...
SAD142 3AC400V 5-15% 50-60Hz  - 3% fixed B935125
SAD142 3AC440V 5-15% 50-60Hz  - 3% fixed B935646
Phase failure and phase loss 3Ph/N AC      
SAD140 3NAC208V 5-15% 50-60Hz 3% fixed B935506
SAD140 3NAC230V 5-15% 50-60Hz  - 3% fixed B935 ...
SAD140 3NAC400V 5-15% 50-60Hz  - 3% fixed B935124
SAD140 3NAC440V 5-15% 50-60Hz  - 3% fixed B935510

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